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The fastest Mercedes-Benz programming tool on the market today. The capabilities of this device are immense; once you try the CGDI, you'll never be able to go back. 

This device's list of capabilities are as follows: 

  • Works for add a key or all keys lost
  • Gets the data for add a key in under two minutes, and gets the pin code in under one minute, with a 99% success rate. 
  • Reads pin codes of BE keys via infrared (on 209, 215, 211, and 220 EIS)
  • Reads EIS data via OBD, eliminating the need to distinguish EIS and EZS models
  • Erases BE keys
  • Writes the original smart key via infrared
  • Unlocks information about the key you're working on (such as how many times SSID has been used)
  • Displays key status and can disable the key position
  • Displays EIS number and status, and can determine the vehicle model type
  • Identifies the CAN protocol
  • Restores the data of the key and EIS with the key password
  • Generates the key data of 908, 912, 9S12, HC05, and NEC EIS or EZS in under thirty seconds, in data formats 11, 41, and 51. 

The CGDI MB can be used in all keys lost situations on the following Mercedes-Benz chassis types: 

W164, W216 (2009-)
W164, W216 (2009-)(Fast)
W164 (Old), W221 (-2009)
W164 (Old), W221 (-2009)(Fast)
W166, W197, W212(Old), W212, W246
W169 (Fast)
W172, W204, W207, W209, W211
W172, W207, W209, W211(Fast)
W202, W203, W208, W210, W463, W639 (K)
W202, W203, W208, W210, W463, W639 (K)(Fast)
W215 W220
W639 (CAN 2009-)
W639 (CAN 2009-)(Fast)
And more to come!

The device also works on many older chassis and models that devices like the VVDI can't do:

W210, W203, W639, W220,W215, W169
Mercedes E Series W210 before year 2004
Mercedes C Series W203 before year 2005
Mercedes V Series V639 before year 2008
Mercedes A Series W169 before year 2009
Mercedes B Series W169 before year 2009
Mercedes S Series W220 before year 2005
Mercedes E Series W211 before year 2008

For mileage repair and gateway read and write authorization, the CGDI works on the following models:

C(W204) / GLK(X204) / CLK(207) / E(W212) / SLS(197) / CLS(W218) / R-Class(W251) / GL(X164) / ML(W164) / E-Class(W211) / CLS(W219) / S-Class(W211) / CL(216) C-Class(W203) / CLK(W209) / SLK(R171) / W205(2018-) / W213 / W222(2017-), and more to come!

For ECU renewal, the device currently supports the following models: 

ME9.7, MED17, CR3.xx, CR4.xx, CR5, CR60.xx, CRD.11, CRD2.xx, , SIM266, SIM271DE2.0, SIM271KE2.0, SIM4LE, SIMELKE.
Support Gearbox Renew on EGS 7G

Out of the box the device supports the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese. Polish, Turkish, or Russian can be added for an additional cost. 

Some of the potential functions of the CGDI are only unlocked by the use of separate adapters. 

With this CGDI package, you get:

1pc x CGDI MB Multiplexer
1pc x OBD Cable
1pc x IR Adapter
1pc x NEC Key Adapter
1pc x USB Cable

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