Kia Sorento 2015-2020 Key Compatibility

Posted by Alana Morris on

Kia Sorento with FCC OSLOKA-910T has two versions that are not interchangeable - must check under the battery for board compatibility. 

Kia Sorento OSLOKA-910T with board UMD - This key often shows no P/N Part Number listed on the back and will work on all Kia Sorento 2015-2020. 

Kia Sorento OSLOKA-910T with board UMD1 - This key shows 95430-C5101 and will only work on Kia Sorento 2019-2020. 

Kia Sorento OSLOKA-910T Back Side

Kia Sorento OSLOKA-910T Inside Board Number


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