Company Values

Best Key Supply was built on a foundation of values that form the backbone of how we operate on a daily basis. As we grow as a company, we make sure that our values grow with us. As our relationships grow, so to do our values. 


As a B2B supplier, we understand that our customers will not be the end user of the products we sell. We always provide competitive, affordable, and often ridiculously low prices so that the locksmiths, dealerships, and other small business owners who are purchasing from us, can also profit from the inventory they purchase. 


Our low prices are never a substitute for quality. We test all of our items before they go out, so you don't have to. All of our inventory, including our aftermarket Best Key Supply brand products and our refurbished OEM products are all guaranteed high quality and backed by our money back guarantee. 


All of our inventory includes honest and detailed product information. We provide descriptors to let our customers know what they are purchasing and exactly what condition it will arrive in. No surprises. 

Customer Service

We are relationship focused and have dedicated support staff to work with our customers, whether you need assistance with an order or are in need of tech support - we are here to help.


  • Keys: we reuse and recycle keys whenever possible, taking the steps to clean them, unlock them, and bring them to a "like new" state. 
  • Packing Supplies: We re-use all key bags, shipping boxes, and bubble wrap to eliminate waste. 
  • Used Key Blades: We collect and drop off all brass to be recycled at scrap metal shops. 
  • Used Batteries: are disposed of at our local battery dropoff point for proper handling and recycling. 

 Want to sell us your used keys? Contact us today!