Toyota Data Collector + Toyota 8A Smart Key Emulator PCB (SK1)

Toyota Data Collector + Toyota 8A Smart Key Emulator PCB (SK1)


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The XTool AnyToyo SK1 is a data collector, as well as a smart key emulator, allowing you to do a key cloning process in add key / all keys lost situations for 2013+ Toyota models with the smart key.

AnyToyo SK1 can also do an emergency start when there is no key available on hand and can generate new keys using the AnyToyo smart key that comes with the set.


AnyToyo SK1 Smart Key Emulator
AnyToyo 8A-Universal Smart Key PCB

Port: USB 3.0
Frequency: 315/433 MHz (RF) / 125 KHz (LF)

Add key
All keys lost
Emergency start
Frequency and key type reading

Bench-free, pincode-free, OBD-free
Protects original data in smart box, still supports OEM key matching after copying keys
Open-source smart key, can be used with other programmers
OEM-level key chip with excellent compatibility
Compatible vehicles: Toyota/Lexus 2013-2022 (global models) with 8A/4A smart key

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