Abrites AMS - Annual Maintenance Subscription


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Product Details:

The Abrites Annual Maintenance Subscription is a crucial part of the Abrites ecosystem which includes the AVDI and other optional special packages. An AMS allows for an all online service access to latest software releases and the use of special functions. This is a must-have in order to continue operations of Abrites devices.

This subscription service is for one year and renewal costs are based on a tiered structure depending on length of time since last expiration date.

  • $350 - renewal date is 1 to 90 days after expiration.
  • $525 - renewal date is 3 months to 9 months after expiration.
  • $675 - renewal date is 9 months to 23 months after expiration.
  • $875- renewal date is more than 23 months after expiration.
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