Yanhua ACDP BMW DME Adapters X4/X8 Bench Interface Boards for N12/N14/N45/N46


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This set of special interface boards is the ideal tool for ISN reading/writing and bench cloning of BMW DME. Connecting directly to the DME module, these boards eliminate fears of reverse polarity and incorrect connections by removing the need to connect individual wires to the DME. You won't have to drill into or open the DME housing. This tool achieves the utmost efficiency through its simple, plug-and-play usage.

Compatible with the following types of BMW chassis:
X4 Interface Board: BMW MINI R chassis N12 (MEV172) / N14 (MED172) DME ISN Read / Write & Clone
X8 Interface Board: BMW E chassis N45 (ME1721) / N46 (MEV1721) DME ISN Read / Write & Clone


While the boards also support ECU cloning, it requires the separate purchase of an ECU license.

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