Access Tools Button Master


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Access Tools' The Button Master is specifically designed for pulling up vertical locks. The special loop design will help pull up any kind of vertical lock with ease. 

Comes in two versions:

Standard Button Master [RCBM]
This Button Master is considered the original, and is the most popular version of this accessory tool from Access Tools. This version is the most flexible and versatile of all the Button Masters.

Heavy Duty Button Master [RCBMHD]
This Button Master features a thicker internal wire that is less likely to kink and curl than the standard Button Master. It also features a more durable and heavy duty tube that is stronger while remaining flexible.

  • Flexible coated long reach tool
  • Retractable loop with grip cover
  • Grab vertical door locks with ease
  • Revolutionary new tool
  • Approximately 38" in length when straightened
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