Dacia 2020+ Key Learning Subscription

ABRITES RR027 - DACIA 2020+ Key Learning

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The RR027 allows you to program keys in all keys lost situations and add spare keys to Dacia vehicles, manufactured after 2020 equipped with Marelli UCH.

Supported vehicles:
2020+ Dacia Logan III with mechanical key
2020+ Dacia Sandero III with mechanical key
2021 Dacia Jogger with mechanical key
2020+ Renault Taliant with mechanical key
2020+ Renault Trafic III Ph2 with mechanical key
2017+ Dacia Duster ph3
2017+ Renault Express
Dacia / Renault with UCH Continental

CB012 or CB021 cable set required in addition to RR020, AVDI and AMS subscription.

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