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MN032 license give access to FBS4 and FBS3 module customization. With the MN032, FSB4 ECU's can be reset to a default state, activated and/or data files can be pulled and saved. 

FSB3 vehicles have additional functionalities when it comes to module replacement. Functions include programming and transfers of data between old and new units. Key programming functions can also be performed such as the extraction of EZS/EIS passwords, DAS2 key support and programing, and switching of key positions.

  • Supported vehicle model:
  • W202,W208,W210
  • W203,W209,W211,W219
  • W169,W245
  • W220,W215,R230
  • W204,W207,W212,WW218
  • W221,W216,W251, W164, X164
  • W176, W246, W242,W117
  • W166, X166

Supported modules: ECUs, TCUs, ISM, DSM, ESL/EZS, and EIS/ELV. 

Additional required tools: ZN051, ZN002, ZN03. Abrites IR keys needed for key programming are TA13, TA14, TA15, TA21, TA22, TA52.

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