Full Mercedes-Benz Special Functions Set Passenger Vehicles Mn030 Mn032 & Mn033 Subscription

ABRITES MN00C - Full Mercedes-Benz Special Functions Set For Passenger Vehicles


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Full set of special functions for Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles. Additional hardware is required for key programming.

MN030 is a dedicated to odometer calibration and module replacements via OBDII for IC213 or IC222 dashboards of FBS4 vehicles. 

MN032 has multiple FBS4 and FBS3 functions such as clearing the ECM to a clean state, VIN programming and read/write programming of FBS4/FBS3 Control Modules.

MN033 helps to resolve a problem with the "ELV Component Fault" which prevents the vehicle from starting. MN033 can clear the error by performing a direct connection to the ELV.

MN035 is dedicated to reading FBS4 data from VGS4-NAG2 modules with the help of ABPROG; set VGS4-NAG2 modules to a virgin state and write  custom FBS4 data to the TCU. 

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