Full Psa Special Functions Set Pn009 Pn017 Pn018 And Pn019 Subscription

ABRITES PN00F - Peugeot / Citroen FULL PSA SPECIAL FUNCTIONS SET PN009 / PN017 / PN018 / PN019


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Full set of special functions for PSA.

PN009 is used to update configuration data, update flash, set IMMO Off, reset service intervals, change PIN codes of ECUs, and calibrate mileage in the dashboard.

PN017 is used to read and calibrate mileage stored in the instrument cluster and BSI module. Can be used for disabling the synchronization between the dashboard and BSI module.

PN018 is for reading PIN codes from all BSI types and for programming keys via OBDII. BSI platforms that are supported include Siemens K-Line, Siemns CAN, Johnson Controls CAN, Valeo CAN, Continental UDS, Valeo UDS, Delphi CAN and Delphi UDS. 

PN019 allows the user to make changes to carious coding parameters in the modules of PSA vehicles. Use the license to change configuration parameters, perform retrofits and coding the retrofitted units.

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