Full Vag Special Functions Set Vn002 Vn003 Vn005 Vn006 Vn007 Vn009 Vn012 Vn013 Vn015 Vn017 Vn018



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Full set of special functions for VAG. Includes:

VN002, VN003, VN005, VN006, VN007, VN009, VN012, VN013, VN015, VN017, VN018, VN020, and VN021

  • VN002 allows programming of IMMO data (PIN,CS,MAC) to adapt modules to a vehicle. ECUs, TCUs, Immobilizers, ESL, and dashboards.
  • VN003 is for key and transponder programming of Volkswagen related vehicles. Program by OBDII in all keys lost situation, program immobilizer related data, program from the ECU, etc.
  • VN007 is used to calibrate mileage on MQB vehicles such as Audi, Seat, SKODA and Volkswagen that are equipped with the VDO/Continental dashboard.
  • VN009 allows key programming in situations in which one working key is present and the vehicle has a VDO/Continental non-virtual dashboard.
  • VN015 odometer package enables calibration of mileage in vehicles from 1995-2016. Read and write odometer values in Instrument Cluster and Engine Control Unit by OBDII or bench.
  • VN017 is for the programming of component protection bytes of Lear Gateway systems. Can be used to replace component protected related modules like the dashboard, infotainment module, CEM and Climatronic.
  • VN018 includes useful and flexible coding options for adaptations, MMI configurations, Long Coding options, Wireless CarPlay / GoogleAuto configurations and basic settings for headlights, trunk, brakes, steering sensors and more.
  • VN020 allows the reading of component security bytes from locked BCM2 modules from 2013-2018 Audi vehicles. CS bytes can then be used for key programming.
  • VN021 allows for extracting and programming immobilizer data from dump of RH850 processors used in VAG MQB dashboards with Megamos AES keys. The data can be used for adding spare keys.

The following hardware is required in order to obtain full functionality:
ZN002 PROTAG Programmer
ZN051 Distribution Box
ZN052 Abrites cable set for adapting IMMO parts used together with VN005
ZN053 AVDI Extractor Cable

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