GTL Roll Pin and Screw Set (80 pcs)


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Product Details:

Set of 80 pins and screws. 

An assorted GTL boxset of 8 different pins with 10 each. Useful kit houses pins of varying lengths in compartments, making it easy to separate and find the one needed for a quick refurbishing.

GTL Part Number: GTL-LT-064


10x 1.6x5.2mm roll pins
10x 1.6x6.0mm roll pins
10x 1.6x6.5mm roll pins
10x 1.8x8.0mm roll pins
10x 2.0x8.3mm roll pins
10x 2.1x7.0mm roll pins
10x 2.2x5.6mm roll pins
10x M2.0x4PM screws


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