Original Lishi 2-In-1 Pick and Decoder HU46

Original Lishi 2-In-1 Pick and Decoder HU46


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This original stainless steel Lishi tool is used to pick and decode car ignitions, doors and trunks. 

Product Details:

Keyway HU46 
Material Stainless Steel
For Ignition, Door, Trunk
Tool Spaces 1-10



Catera 1997-2000


Aranos 1995-1997
Cavalier 1995-1998
Espero 1995-1998
Nexia 1995-1998
Espero 1995-1998
Nexia 1995-1998


Astra 1995-2004
Calibra 1995-1998
Combo van 1995-2005
Corsa 1995-2004
Meriva 2002-2004
Omega 1995-2001
Omega B 1998-2003
Signum 1995-2005
Sintra 1997-1999
Speedstar 2001-2005
Tigra B 1995-2002
Vectra 1995-2000
Vectra B 2000-2002
Vectra C 2002-2006
Zafira 2001-2004

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