Messenger Portable Machine - For edge cut, laser, and dimple keys

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Messenger is Keyline's new portable key cutting machine for edge, laser, and dimple keys. Designed for those who need to cut keys on-the-go, it's a compact and light machine weighing only 22 pounds, is controlled exclusively through the Keyline KDT App and can be powered by traditional electric or rechargeable battery, depending on your needs. This allows the user to provide commercial, residential, and automotive key cutting services anywhere, at anytime, with the utmost flexibility.

Please make sure you select your desired bundle option before adding to your cart. Details of each bundle are listed below.


Messenger offers the user the option of traditional electric or battery power supply, allowing the machine to be used in a wide variety of work situations. It is controlled exclusively through the Keyline KDT App on any Android tablet or smartphone. The updated app has many new features and a new interface that not only makes Messenger simple to use but also offers the user a rich database of door and residential keys.

The machine's hardware and software - both developed by the R&D Team at Keyline - work together to optimize function and portability. By controlling the machine through the KDT App and offering a rechargeable battery power supply, transport is simple and eradicates the need for lugging around cables. Because it can also be powered by traditional electric, the machine remains functional in-shop as well.

The machine comes with two new clamps. The Q clamp is an innovative clamp for laser and dimple keys, and can cut the main range of laser keys. The N clamp is for edge-cut automotive keys. It gives the user the ability to cut symmetrically on both sides without needing to turn the key.


  • 3 different bundle options
  • For edge-cut, laser, and dimple keys
  • Cuts by code, decodes, and copies
  • Weighs only 22 pounds
  • Carrying handle that allows for easy transport
  • Controlled exclusively through the Keyline KDT App on any Android tablet or smartphone
  • Powered by traditional electric or rechargeable battery
  • 2 New clamps, Q and N, are included with the machine. It is also compatible with the H, J, or M clamps, which are sold separately.


Option 1: Machine Only $4,500.00
Includes 2 new clamps:
  • The Q clamp: an innovative clamp for laser and dimple keys that is capable of cutting the main range of laser keys.
  • The N clamp: for edge cut automotive keys (symmetrical cuts on both sides without the need to turn the key).
Option 2: Machine with Battery $4,750.00
Includes everything listed above PLUS:
Bosch rechargeable battery and charger ($500 value)
  • 36V - 72 Wh
Option 3: Machine with Battery and Tablet $4,950.00
Includes everything above PLUS:
  • 8.7" tablet
  • 32 GB


  • POWER SUPPLY: Machine: 48V DC - 2.5 Amp or external battery power supply 36V
  • ABSORPTION: 120W (6W in stand-by)
  • DIMENSIONS: Width: 200 mm (7.8‚Äù) / Depth: 395 mm (15.5‚Äù) / Height: 310 mm (12.2‚Äù)
  • WEIGHT: Machine body 10 Kg (22 lbs)
  • CUTTER: V037 Widia 2.0 mm for laser and edge cut automotive key; V001 Widia 90 for dimple keys
  • CUTTER SPEED: 10000 rpm (7500 rpm with the battery power supply); variable speed for specific materials120W (6W in stand-by)
  • LIGHTING: LED - lighted cutting bay
  • MOTOR: Brushless
  • MOVEMENTS/AXES: 3 axes, guided by stepper motors with T-shaped screw and anti-backlash nut
  • KEY READING SYSTEM: Electric contact

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