OBDSTAR KeyMaster DP Plus A + FREE Nissan 40-BCM Bypass Cable + FREE CANFD Adapter


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The KeyMaster DP Plus is an android based diagnostic tool for troubleshooting a wide range of vehicles. Built upon previous iterations of OBDSTAR's advanced diagnosing technology, the KeyMaster offers a variety of robust features with accurate results.    

This is the "A" Package offering the basic KeyMaster set. For a more advanced bundle, please look for the "C" Package which offers more special features.


  • Diagnostics of most vehicles covering Asian, European and North American models.
  • IMMO EEPROM key programming and cluster calibration.
  • ECU cloning.
  • Helpful on screen functions include wiring diagrams and car list information.
  • Induction coil testing. 
  • 2 year subscription of free software updates.

Package Content:

  • P001 Programmer
  • C001 Circuit Board
  • C002 Circuit Board
  • W001 Data Cable
  • W002 Data Cable
  • W003 Data Cable
  • Induction Coil
  • Remote Tester

+ FREE Nissan 40 BCM Bypass Cable

+ FREE CANFD Adapter

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