OBDSTAR KeyMaster G3 Bundle + Toyota Key Simulator + Toyota 30-PIN Cable V2 + Nissan 40-PIN Cable


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Bundle Items:

In this package, additional OBDSTAR tools and accessories a bundled with the G3 programmer. A key simulator will help create new keys when all keys are lost. Works with Toyota transponders. A Toyota OBDII 30-PIN cable and a Nissan 40-PIN cable are included. 

Key Master G3:

The KeyMaster G3 is an android based diagnostic tool for troubleshooting a wide range of vehicles. Aside from regular passenger cars, this programmer comprehensively covers electronic cars, motorcycles and watercraft.

This tool includes several functions to support key programming, transponder programming, remote frequency tests, odometer resets, airbag resets, etc. The robust diagnostic program can connect with the vehicle ECU and can view data pertaining to fault codes, data flow parameters and perform actuation tests. Multiple ECUs can be accessed such as engine, transmission, anti-lock braking and more.

The hardware purchase allows for 2 years of free subscription service allowing for advanced features to be performed.

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