OBDSTAR KeyMaster DP Plus A with FREE VVDI Mini + Emulator + Nissan 40-Pin and Toyota 30-Pin Cable


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The KeyMaster DP Plus is an android based diagnostic tool for troubleshooting a wide range of vehicles. Built upon previous iterations of OBDSTAR's advanced diagnosing technology, the KeyMaster offers a variety of robust features with accurate results.    

This is the "A" Package offering the basic KeyMaster set.


  • Diagnostics of most vehicles covering Asian, European and North American models.
  • IMMO EEPROM key programming and cluster calibration.
  • ECU cloning.
  • Helpful on screen functions include wiring diagrams and car list information.
  • Induction coil testing. 
  • 2 year subscription of free software updates.


With the Mini, edit and clone the most common transponders in the market. The functions allow transponder and remote generation of more than 2000 vehicle models. Can be used to read frequencies, unlock certain Toyota keys, detect ignition coil switch signals, etc. 

+ OBDSTAR Nissan 40-pin BCM Bypass Cable

For use in the programming of certain Nissan proximity keys and in an all key lost scenario. Works on 2021+ Nissan Sentra (B18), Nissan Rogue T33, Nissan Pathfinder and 2021+ Mitsubishi Outlander. This Nissan cable works with X300 DP Plus, KeyMaster DP Plus and X300 Pro 4.

+ OBDSTAR Key Simulator

This Key Simulator can help to generate keys with the use of the KeyMaster DP Plus device and KeyMaster 5. Can be used to generate when all keys are lost. Supports Toyota/Lexus models.

+ OBDSTAR Toyota 30-pin Cable

This cable works with X300 DP Plus, X300 PRO4, and X300 DP Key Master devices for all keys lost programming. Supports Toyota 8A and 4A models.


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