Obdstar Motorcycle Immo Programming Kit Device

OBDSTAR Motorcycle IMMO Programming Kit


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Product Details:

To work on programming multiple different brands of motorcycles, this handy bundle of cables is what you need to prepare yourself for all situations. This kit of cables work with OBDSTAR's other IMMO devices like the KeyMaster DP Plus or X300. 

Package Contents:

  • 1x P002 Main Unit Adapter
  • 1x M002 Cable
  • 1x M004 Cable
  • 1x M005 Cable
  • 1x M034 Cable
  • 1x M037 Cable
  • 1x M040 Cable
  • 1x M041 Cable
  • 1x M043 Cable
  • 1x M053 Cable
  • 1x M054 Cable
  • 1x Nissan Renault 16+32
  • 1x Toyota-1 Cable
  • 1x Toyota-2 Cable
  • 1x 8A Jumper Wire
  • 1x All Key Lost Ford Cable
  • 1x M003A Multi-Jumper
  • 1x M003A Cable 


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