Snap-N-Lock Complete Set Locksmith Tools

Access Tools Snap-N-Lock Complete Set


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The new patented Snap-N-Lock multi-piece long reach tool takes long reach tool technology to a whole new level. This is the only tool on the market with interchangeable tips that snap and lock into place. This tool includes the handle base, pre-bent extension piece, and all 6 interchangeable tips. No threading pieces together and no slipping or wobbling once assembled. The Snap-N-Lock multi piece tool set gives you the entire line of revolutionary Snap-N-Lock long reach tools.

  • Handle Base
  • Regular Tool End
  • Straight Extension Piece
  • 90 Degree Hook Tip
  • Pre-bent Extension With Threaded End For Accessories
  • Loop Tip For Vertical Buttons
  • Flexible Neck Magnetic Tip To Grab Keys
  • LED Lighted Tip For Low-light Conditions

  • Patented snap together technology
  • Interchangeable tips
  • Breaks down for easy storage
  • Scratch-proof coating
  • Store-N-Go handle for extra tip storage
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