Triton Plus Automotive Edition and OBDSTAR KeyMaster DP Plus Bundle


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This bundle can help jump start or fine-tune your business with the industry's best machines and tools at your side. 

Triton Plus Automotive Edition

This edition of Triton is made specifically for the automotive locksmiths cutting keys for American vehicles. The Triton Plus is an all-in-one key cutting machine developed by and for locksmiths. Comes with a 7-inch touchscreen mounted on the machine that will aid you with step-by-step operations and contains illustrated diagrams. Can be used to convert mechanical keys into universal flip blades and emergency keys for Xhorse and KeyDIY.

Key Master DP Plus "A" Package

The KeyMaster DP Plus is an android based diagnostic tool for troubleshooting a wide range of vehicles. Built upon previous iterations of OBDSTAR's advanced diagnosing technology, the KeyMaster offers a variety of robust features with accurate results.    


  • Diagnostics of most vehicles covering Asian, European and North American models
  • IMMO EEPROM key programming and cluster calibration
  • ECU cloning
  • Helpful on screen functions include wiring diagrams and car list information.
  • Induction coil testing 
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