VVDI MB Machine BGA Mercedes Key Programmer With EIS/EZS Adapters Bundle


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In addition to the programmer, you get 10 adapters to easily connect with an EIS. The adapters are a convenient accessory to have when faced with different Mercedes models. 

The VVDI MB BGA Mercedes Key Programmer from Xhorse is the latest key programmer for Mercedes Benz. It will allow you to program new keys to your customer's Mercedes without the need for soldering. It features frequent online updates to support Mercedes Benz keys. It can read passwords and prepare new keys via IR.

The programmer is mainly used for key reading and writing, EIS tools, password calculations, key file preparations, ESL tools, ECU/Gearbox renewal, and other special functions.

VVDI MB BGA Mercedes Key Programmer Features:

• Supports BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR
• NEC V051,V057 supports password retrieval on-board (no EEPROM needed)
• On-board writing and erasing to all NEC keys (no EEPROM needed)
• Fast password calculations for BGA and NEC keys (include 51,57 version)
• Writes & renews EIS (EZS) and ELV (ESL)
• Generates key file (must have Internet access)
• Unlocks ELV (ESL)

Mercedes EIS/EZS Adapters for VVDI Programmer

These adapters eliminate the need for soldering by simply plugging the EIS on the correctly chosen adapter.

Supported models are W164, W169, W203, W209, W211, W215, W639, Sprinter and Vito


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