Xhorse DB25 DB15 Connector Cable for VVDI Programmer

Xhorse DB25 DB15 Connector Cable for VVDI Programmer


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Product Details:

A cable used to connect the VVDI programmer with Xhorse solder-free adapters 

Can be connected to:

  • XDNPM3GL MQB Adapter
  • XDNP11 BMW CAS3 Adapter
  • XDNP12 BMW CAS4/CAS4+ Adapter
  • XDNP13 Benz DB9 EIS Adapter
  • XDNP14 DB165 DB25 Adapter
  • XDNP16 Land Rover KVM Adapter
  • XDNP17 Porsche BCM Adapter
  • XDNP18 BMW FRM Adapter
  • XDNP19 Honda Fit-H Adapter
  • XDNP20 Honda Fit-L Adapter
  • XDNP21 Hyundai Sonata Adapter
  • XDNP25 Kia K3 MB91F Adapter
  • XDNP26 Kia K5 MB91F Adapter
  • XDNP27 Volvo KVM Adapter
  • XDNP28 Volvo CEM Adapter
  • XDNP29 Volco CEM Adapter
  • XDNP45 Audi J518 Adapter
  • XDNP48 Delphi 48 IMMO Adapter
  • XDNP54 Honda Civic Adapter
  • XDNP57 Honda Vezel Adapter
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