Xhorse Dolphin Key Cutting Machine + FREE Mini Key Tool.


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Xhorse Dolphin Machine + MINI KEY TOOL

Go for a 2-in-1 combo. Program transponders and cut keys accordingly.  Buying from the same brand ensures compatibility and reliability between programmable devices. 

The Mini Key Tool when paired with a phone and APP contains many functions to explore similar to the regular Key Tool.


  • Transponder Editing & Cloning: Detect most immobilizer transponders. Edit and clone common transponders in the market.
  • Transponder Generating: Supports TP transponder & parts of special transponders of more than 700 vehicle models. Reduce the stock of transponders efficiently.
  • Remote Generating: Supports 128 makes and over 2000 vehicle models. Generate more abundant and thorough key pictures, transponder types, key blanks and remote matching data.
  • Frequency Test: Supports the power test within the range of 300-450Mhz
  • Toyota H Transponder: Activate Toyota H transponder generation function.


The Dolphin XP-005 is a battery powered, phone app controlled key cutting machine that supports single and double sided keys, Tibbe keys, and 2 and 4 track keys.

With the Dolphin, you'll get high precision cutting results with an app that lists over 100 car brands and over 2000 vehicle models. Weighs 13kg or 29 lbs, along with being battery powered, it is compact and designed to be portable.

This machine can work with Xhorse's Key Reader to identify car key information such as key bitting which is relayed through the Xhorse app and into the Dolphin for easy simple cutting without the guesswork. 

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