Xhorse MULTI-PROG ECU Programmer With 4 Chip Programming Adapter Bundle


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Get the package of Xhorse adapters to program chips in an easier convenient way with less soldering involved. A Perfect way to jump right into using the MULTI-PROG. 

Xhorse MULTI-PROG programmer:

The MULTI-PROG is professional car and key programming device from Xhorse. It offers versatile tools and customization to access and program crucial data stored in ECUs and TCUs. 


  • Read/write of BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen ECUs.
  • Read/write of BMW, Dodge, Porsche, Volkwagen TCUs.
  • Read/write of various brand MCUs, including Renesas, Motorola, NXP, Infineon, etc.
  • Read/write IMMO data on vehicles such as Audi, Land Rover, Volvo, Porsche, etc. 
  • MED17/EDC17 engine data processing.
  • EEPROM and FLASH programming. 

Xhorse Chip Adapter

The four included adapters supports the programming of SOP44, EEPROM and TSOP48 package parallel flash chips.

  • Xhorse VH24 - SOP44 and TSOP48 (AM29FXXX, M29FXXX, TB28FXX)
  • Xhorse VH29 - EEPROM and FLASH (8-pin)
  • Xhorse VH30 - SOP44 (AM29FXXX, M29FXXX, TB28FXXX)
  • Xhorse VH31 - TSOP48 (SST36VFXXX, AT49BVXXX, W19BXXX)


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