Xhorse Universal Mercedes BE 4 Button PCB Board (Orange)


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This is a Mercedes reprogrammable key with adjustable frequency between 315MHz and 433MHz. Covers a wide range of vehicles and can be programmed by several devices such as an Autel IM608, CGDI, VVDI, etc.

Product Details
Condition: New
Button Configuration: 4
Transponder: Yes
Blade: None
Battery: No

Vehicle Compatibility
Mercedes 200/300/400/500 Series 1997-2004
Mercedes A-Class 2004-2012
Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011
Mercedes C-Class 1997-2014
Mercedes CLK 1997-2010
Mercedes CLS 2004-2007
Mercedes E-Class 1997-2009
Mercedes G-Class 1997-2014
Mercedes G-Model 1999-2014
Mercedes GL 2006-2012
Mercedes M-Class 1998-2014
Mercedes ML-Class 1998-2014
Mercedes R-Class 2006-2014
Mercedes S-Class 1997-2014
Mercedes SL 1998-2012
Mercedes SLK 1997-2011
Mercedes SLR 2004-2014
Mercedes Sprinter 1997-2014
Mercedes Viano 2003-2014
Mercedes Vito 2003-2014

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