Xhorse VVDI2 Basic Version


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Product Details:

The VVDI2 is a multifunctional diagnostic device for automotive maintenance. It has software supporting major vehicle brands such as Volkswagen, BMW and Porsche. You'll be able to program EEPROMs, immobilizers, remote keys, and more.  The main features are to read information and program key transponders. Generate OEM or other chips. Supports HITAG, MEGAMOS, TIRIS chips, and many more.

It has enhancements over the previous VVDI with better remote identification and stability. VVDI2 can be used independently to simply identify chips and frequencies or connected with a PC for programming functions. There is robust support for multi brand vehicle diagnosis and IMMO programming. It can be connected to other devices as needed with appropriate plug-ins to greatly expand it's functions.

This is a versatile device that shouldn't be missed. A powerful tool to have in any locksmith's arsenal. Basic version will need to be upgraded with with several license purchases before most or all functions can be used.




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