Yanhua ACDP Key Programming Module #1 BMW CAS1 / CAS2 / CAS3 / CAS3+/ CAS4 / CAS4+


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Mini ACDP Module #1 for BMW CAS

Easy way to replace key for all keys lost, add a key, replace or repair CAS. No soldering required, no need to cut lines, or lift any pins - all action done in circuit. No risks - safe and quick. 


IMMO Key programming and mileage reset through OBD (CAS1 - CAS3+)

Key Programming and mileage reset by ICP. Data reading and writing (EEPROM and FLASH) and intelligent detection. Writing without lifting pin and without removal of any components (CAS3+ / CAS3++ / CAS4 / CAS4+)

Restore data if data has been damaged after downgrade or CAS has been replaced. Automatically modify VIN, ISN, or Frequency (CAS1-CAS4)


Manufacturer: Yanhua




Package Includes

  • BMW-CSA3 Interface Board
  • BDM01 Adapter
  • BMW-CAS4 Interface Board
  • BDM-ICP Cable
  • CAS3/CAS4 Copper Pillar Package
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