Original Lishi Tool Starter Pack Value Bundle Lock Decoder

Original Lishi Tool Starter Pack Value Bundle


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12 different automotive Lishi tools, for work on many of the most popular vehicle types. A revolutionary tool for locksmiths, Mr. Li's ingenious design allows you to both pick and decode an automotive keyway, opening a locked vehicle and obtaining the information to cut a fresh key at the same time! Including a premium-quality carrying case, this bundle is the perfect introduction to the superb efficiency of Original Lishi Tools!
  • Anti-glare, premium-grade tools.
  • Only available through authorized dealers.
  • Only available to licensed Locksmiths
  • Designed for use by trained professionals. Please review the instructional materials before operation to avoid damaging the tool through misuse.

Note: All of our Lishi tools come with a verification label on the back. This guarantees that you are getting the supreme quality of the true Original Lishi brand. Verifying your tools is the only way to ensure that they are genuine, and will live up to Mr. Li's demanding standards for long-term efficacy.


Tools Included (1 of each):
FO38 / H75
GM B111 Z-Keyway
CY24 / Y157 / Y159 (8-Cut)
GM39 / PK3 / B102 / B86 / B89
TOY43AT Door/Trunk
HU92 Twin Lifter
HU100 (8-Cut)
HU100 (10-Cut)
GM37 / B106 Non-Warded
24 - Slot Lishi Tool Wallet
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